Specialty Coffee From Colombia

Specialty Coffee From Colombia

Colombia is known for Specialty Coffee which is admired through out the world for its unique taste and its quality. Following are some key points for Colombia’s Specialty coffee.


  1. Arabica Beans: Arabica coffee beans are known for their aroma, smooth mild flavor, which varies from high altitude mountains to low altitude valleys


  1. Growing Regions: Colombia comes with several coffee growing regions each comes with it’s own unique flavors. Some of the most well known regions include Tolima, Huila, Cauca and Narino


  1. Altitude: As itcomes to talk about Specialty Coffee from Colombia region, Many of Coffee Beans are grown in the high altitude region which enhances the unique flavor profile, Higher altitudes generally results in slower bean development which results in more acidity and unique profile


  1. Profile Flavors: Specialty Coffee Beans from Colombia are well known for their well balanced flavor profiles and comes with the taste notes of Caramel, Citrus, Chocolate and sometimes nutty and fruity flavor. As the acidity in Colombian Coffee is vibrant and bright


  1. Sustainability: Colombian Coffee producers are doing sustainable farming, Including organic cultivation, shade grown coffee and environment friendly farming processing practices. These practices add value to Colombian Specialty Coffee in the global market


  1. Clarifications: As we see about the clarifications this terms refer to as the farmers in Colombia hold certificates such as Fair trade, Rain Forest Alliance indicating to specific social, environmental and economic standards


  1. Cultural Significance: In Colombian Culture Coffee plays a important role in the economy as the coffee growing regions in Colombia offers tours for the visitors and buyers to learn more about cultivation, harvesting and processing of coffee.


Colombia’s Specialty Coffee Industry continues to attract the coffee lovers and buyers from all around the world who appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of the Colombian Coffee Beans

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